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Have · a · drink.

The sky is sinking toward a deeper blue.

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i let my feet dangle into shark infested waters

while i'm finding no solace or peace of mind

in what my cheating lovers have to say.

excuses, excuses. let's light these dynomite fuses.

i let the sky carry me to your dangerous arms

and now i find that the worlds have collided

the hero burned my villages and sank my ships

my words can't compete with the kiss of your fist

it's the season of fire and i find myself in

another deep depression, a calm before my storm

my last resort proven unworthy, gold turned to dust

and now i venture into the unknown with nothing

but a past i can't seem to erase.

oh chivalrous knight, what dungeon have you found yourself locked inside of? save me from myself, and hold me together in your arms before i fall apart.

Current Mood:
depressed depressed
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hey you. yeah, you. reading this right now, i'm talking to you.

i'm still talking to no one. but that's cool.

ATTN. i no longer really use this site. i may start blogging again, but for now, if you want to find me, i direct you towards my myspace. from there you can find my deviantart. any other site you wonder if i may have, just ask. flickr, facebook, neopets.. you name it, i probably have got an account.

anywho. my back itches and a centipede was crawling on my foot when i went out to smoke earlier.
that is all.

Current Mood:
frustrated frustrated
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comment to be added. (:
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