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Have a drink.

The sky is sinking toward a deeper blue.

No amount of coffee, no amount of crying. No amount of whiskey, no amount of wine. No, nothing else will do.

A pointless blog for all of those who care to dive into my inner thoughts, writings, poems and experiences.
If you like what you read, then you're probably insane or on drugs. Possibly, both.
11:11 wishes, agoraphobia, all-nighters, angels, answers, art, astrology, beach, beauty, being warm, best friends, bon fires, books, candlelight, candles, chocolate, clever t-shirts, coffee, common respect, communication, cotton candy, creativity, crop circles, dancing, dark chocolate, daydreaming, desire, disease., double entendres, drawing, dreaming, dreams about flying, electronica, elphaba, emotions, endorphins, erotica, eyes, fairy tales, fetishes, flirting, flying, free speech, free thinkers, friends, galinda, glasses, glow-in-the-dark-stars, green tea, hair dye, hands, happiness, hidden places, honesty, hope, hugging, humor, imagination, incense, injury, inside jokes, intelligence, kissing, knights, languages, liquor in mini-bottles, local bands, long showers, love, lyrics, madness, making up words, mary poppins, mermaids, midnight, moon, moonlight, morgan freeman, movies, music, narcotics, neopets, night photography, nighttime, ocean, old movies, passion, peace, penpals, photography, planets, poetry, rain, ramen noodles, reading, retro, riddles, road trips, rolling down hills, romance, rooftops, rubber duckies, ruby slippers, sarcasm, sending & receiving postcards, singin' in the rain, skin, smiles, snuggling up, speaking freely, spirit, spontaneity, stars, tattoos, taurus, tea, teddy bears, tennessee, the unexplained, the wizard of oz, thirst for knowledge, twilight, utah, vinyl, visuals, walk & talks, walking along railroad tracks, whiskey, whispers, wicked the novel, wind, wine, writing